By the grace of God through faith in Christ, we pray that you will or have made a definite decision for Christ as your Lord and Savior and that you have decided to live and walk with Him. This is a great decision, the greatest you have ever made, or will ever make in your life. 

We are all excited that you have chosen to visit the Lord’s family here at Yorktown Missionary Baptist Church. As a child of God you have been granted the same rights, advantages, privileges and protection He provides for all that belong to Him. Yorktown Missionary Baptist Church is a church where all are accepted for who we are, forgiven of what we’ve done and loved because of Christ. As a member of His family God has a purpose for you to fulfill. We, as the body of Christ, follow His will and work together as one (I Corinthians 12: 12-31).

Here at Yorktown there are various ministries, which will allow you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life in Christian service. We know that you will successfully begin to carry out your purpose in one of these ministries.
Remember, God Created You, Jesus Saved You, The Holy Spirit Guides You, And, We All Love You. So Welcome to the Yorktown Missionary Baptist Church Family.

Yours in Christ,

Christopher L. Williams Sr., Pastor